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- Kristy J.

I got the pleasure to work with Denise who owns Honey Of A Party. I never thought I'd meet someone just like me 🤣 her attention to detail is one of a kind and I look forward to partnering with her again in the future!

- nelly r.

It was absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail never fails to amaze me. The food and drinks were incredible. [Denise's] parties are always a special treat!

- Jasmine R.

My daughter's first birthday party was everything I imagined and more, thanks to Denise! I had a unique theme in mind — a farmer's market to celebrate her “first year of growth” — and... not much else, lol. But she brought it to life effortlessly! So many incredible details. Even better, nearly everything was completely handmade by her 🤌🏼 even the things you would not expect! 👀 

- Nakia J.

 Thank you to Denise for always making sure decorations and events turn out perfect, and being that go to person for my family always.

- dian J.

It’s an amazing experience and one I have truly enjoyed. We have lots of fun, laughter and bonding.


Not only is it fun, you get to meet the greatest ladies ever! Denise is the best coach, teacher and friend! 


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